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About Wes Paul

Wes Paul is a Singer/Musician from Liverpool.

Early Life

He was born in Toxteth, Liverpool a month after George Harrison (28th March 1943) - less than a mile away and within walking distances of all the other Beatles. During his school years he played in several different groups/bands including the school band, 'Whisky Skiffle' and 'Westy and The Wise Jives' playing Uke, Mandolin and Guitar' .

Ship's Blockmaker

After a typically poor education he left school in 1958 to pursue a career as a Ships Blockmaker at John Holmes Ltd in Mersey Street - by the current Albert Dock.

Merchant Navy

 A year later (1959) he followed his Brother John into the Merchant Navy - and served as Bosun on the Training Ship Vindicatrix - His first three trips were as a Deck Boy on the Cunard, Passenger Liner 'Sylvania' sailing to New York and Canada - whilst serving on the Sylvania he qualified as a helmsman at the age of just 16. Shortly after, still in 1959 (whilst serving on The Blue Funnel Ship Ascanius) he received the distinction of being one of the first English/Liverpool musicians to perform in Hamburg (albeit unpaid) where The Beatles where to carve out their future career. He later signed off an 'Ammunition Dumper' (because of recurring seasickness) and made his way from 'Barry Island' (South Wales) to the bright lights of Soho.

The 2 I's

He was sitting in the 2 I's cafe in Old Compton Street with his guitar, when he was approached by Tommy Littlewood, who asked "can you play that thing" - he answered yes and Tommy asked him to play that night in the music room below the cafe.

The Maurice Berman School Of Singing

After playing a few gigs around London and meeting the local in-crowd he decided his voice was not up to scratch and soon after signed up at The Maurice Burman Singing School in Bickenhall Mansion - by Baker Street, after receiving advice from Ray Mackender (Mark Wynter's manager and his own Manager Mike Scrivener  at whose house he was staying at the time in the next street (York Street) to the school.

Working in Watford

The lessons were expensive so Wes worked for a variety of construction company's including Murphy's (Cable Laying). Whilst working on a building site in Watford, Wes ordered a tailor made suit, made of his favourite blue serge, in a new French style (Pierre Cardin, which co-incidentally was the style later referred to as a Beatle Jacket) at a cost of 3 weeks wages. He never could afford that suit but the tailor let him pay for and take away the coat which was the smartest fashion in town.

The City Beats

Wes had been around that time a member of a Liverpool band called the City Beats with a fabulous guitarist called Billy Roberts (Who is now a world acclaimed Psychic Medium) and a clever little 13 year old drummer called Danny Bell. Wes introduced his best friend Eddie Hill to the band and he became the Bass Guitarist (using the,now, famous Hofner Violin Bass) - after a few changes the band changed its name to The Kruzads and did very well in the Merseybeat Scene. (Wes also had initial rehearsals with Frank Townsend  of The Easybeats a band which is still gigging today)

The Delmonts

Later on Wes began gigging with a great band called The Delmonts/Delmont Four which later featured the - to - be - famous comedian Freddy Starr - he also did a couple of gigs with The Challengers after they were ditched by Tommy Quigley their singer (probably after advice from Brian Epstein) this came to nothing and Wes continued working the Pubs and Clubs as a solo artist - playing several residencies in local Liverpool Venues...

Liverpool Venues

Including The Monroe in Duke Street, The A&B Club in Devonshire Road and Jokers Club in Edge hill. He still guested with bands such as Rory Storm and The Hurricanes at The Belle Vale Beat Club where he was a regular guest. On one occasion the owner of The Belle Vale Beat club bussed in fans to Queen's Hall Widnes when he arranged for Wes to guest with 'Sounds Incorporated'. Wes continued to gig at local venues such as 'The White House', the '21 Club', 'The Devonshire', 'The Tunnel Hotel', 'The Shipperies', 'The Blue Ball' 'The Top Hat', 'The Eagle and Child' , The Bluebell', The Farmers Arms', 'The Boundary', in Huyton, 'The Ship Inn' and many others...

Working For The Man Every Night and Day

He doubled his singing career whilst working at many different trades - including: Liverpool Docker, Bus Conductor, Life Guard, Taxi Driver, Bricklayer and Joiners Mate, Market Trader, Antique & Coin Dealer, Portrait Artist, Wedding and Glamour Photographer, Olympic Weightlifting Instructor, Bouncer, School Teacher, College and University Lecturer, IT Consultant, Programmer, Word GURU, Courseware Writer, Technical Author, Rollout Engineer, Actor and more...  He is a former Senior Laboratory Technician, Lecturer,  Passenger Technical Author/Project Manager - Company Director. His qualifications include BSc(HONS) and BA as well as Post Graduate Certification in Project Management and Advanced ECDL.

In October 2006 - Wes met Becky Simpson his Bass Guitarist and future wife. In May 2010 they visited and recorded an album at The Sun Studio in Memphis, Tracks included That's All Right, Folsom Prison and Jackson. On June 1st Wes and Becky were married at The Tulip Tree Chapel in Jackson TN to the tune of their own track "Jackson" from The 'Manchester to Memphis' album. Their daughter Rebecca Paul was born on 6th January 2012.

In 2011 the band embarked on their Route 66 Tour Starting at Berwyn Chicago and ending at Santa Monica (some 5,500 miles by Road) sidetracking down to Montgomery Alabama to Perform at Hank Williams Snr 88th Birthday celebration in The Hank Williams Museum, before travelling back up and across The Mississippi River to Memphis before resuming their Route 66 Tour. (See places visited below)

Recently Wes has been pursuing his acting career and has appeared in various roles in 'Across The Universe', 'Pearls in The Mist', 'Shameless', 'Emmerdale',  The 'NIKE world cup advert' with Wayne Rooney, 'West is West', 'Sherlock Holmes' and has appeared in Theatre in the musical  'Mac and Mabel' and 'Tom's Midnight Garden'.

In 2011 Wes and his wife Rebecca travelled to France where Rebecca's short film 'Talking Straight ' was featured at The Cannes Film Festival - the film was also accepted for the Soho Film Festival and The London Gay Film Festival. Becky was the writer and producer Wes was Assistant Producer and Becky's  mum, Diana Whitley was Executive Producer.

Diane has just completed two series as (producer), writer of the successful  'BAFTA' nominated cult  children's series 'The House of Anubis'

The Cavern Showcase

He was co-founder of The Sounds of The Sixties Cavern Showcase with Kingsize Taylor and Marga Taylor - He stage managed and performed in 87 Concerts at The Famous Cavern Club in Mathew Street Liverpool including the 50th Anniversary Celebrations..

He is currently a lead singer/guitarist in The Wes Paul Band.

The Wes Paul Band recently returned from their second American Tour. In 2010 they toured the Southern States of the USA (Manchester to Memphis Tour) Stopping off to make and album at The Sun Recording Studio in Memphis were they recorded an album. See, below...

Route 66 Tour - 2011

In 2011 the band toured 14 states starting from Chicago on a trip across Route 66 to Santa Monica in California. However, they had an appointment to play Hank Williams' Official 88th Birthday Commemoration Concert in the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery - Alabama - Hank's home town. The trip took the band through Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California Playing gigs in such places as Berwyn in Chicago, St Louis, Jackson - Tennessee, Montgomery - Alabama, Tupelo Mississippi, Memphis - Tennessee, Tulsa, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Kingman, Flagstaff and Santa Monica...

Manchester To Memphis Tour 2010

The first stop of the Manchester to Memphis Tour in 2010 Memphis where the band recorded

their first album 'Manchester to Memphis' at Sun Studio' where

Elvis and Johnny Cash recorded in their early careers.

After performing at Huey's Mid-town and the P&H cafe The band

travelled to Jackson where Wes Paul and Rebecca were married

at The Tulip Tree Chapel. Later that day they performed at

Miss Ollie's one of the top venue's in Jackson. Whilst in Jackson

they visited Henry at The International Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

The band's new album is displayed at the Museum. They then

travelled to Nashville to perform at the famous Tootsie's bar at

the back of The Ryman Auditorium. Other venues on the tour where

at Pigeon Forge in the Smokey Mountains, The Alley Bar in

Montgomery - Alabama, Woodie's and Vanelli's in Tupelo

Elvis's birthplace. Whilst in Tupelo - a film was made of the band

visiting famous Elvis landmarks.  


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